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S.No Title Details
1 Single use plastic Fill Details
2 National Cyber Security Awareness for better Cyber Hygiene (ATN w.r.t. UGC Letter: "" dated 07th October, 2021) Fill Details
3 Pre-Event Questionnaire Sensitisation Webinar on Cyber Security Empowerment of Higher education Institutions (HEIs) to make cyber security more accessible, available , and adaptable for HEIs (ATN w.r.t. UGC Letter: "" dated 07th October, 2021) Fill Details
4 Observance of Vigilance Awareness Week 2021 Fill Details
5 The Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities ) Act, 1989 and Amendment Ordinance -2014 – “New provisions of SC/ST Act” Fill Details
6 Action Taken Report on Prevention of Caste Based Discrimination in HEIs 2020-2021. Fill Details
7 UGC Letter reg.: Strengthening Cyber Security in Higher Education Institutions(HEIs). Fill Details
8 Streamlining the forms and Processes for reducing compliance burden in Higher Education Sector Fill Details
9 Azadi ka Amrut Mahotsav: Rendering of the National Anthem of India Fill Details
10 Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav: Fit India Freedom Run 2.0 Fill Details
11 Details of Participation in the Celebration of One year of Transformative reforms under National Education Policy, 2020 Fill Details
12 Initiatives taken for Implementation of Multidisciplinary and Holistic Education in Higher Education Institutions. Fill Details
13 Action Taken Report on Prevention of Caste Based Discrimination in HEIs. Fill Details
14 Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat Campaign(EBSB) July 2021 Fill Details
15 Display of Banners/Hoardings regarding Free vaccination for 18 years and above age group from 21st June, 2021 in institutions. Fill Details
16 Celebration of 7th International Day of Yoga (IDY)-2021 on 21st June, 2021 Fill Details
17 UGC Letter reg.: Best Practices Adopted by Universities Fill Details
18 Pariksha pe Charcha 2021 Fill Details
19 World Environment Day, 5th June, 2021 Fill Details
20 Swachhata Hi Seva Campaign 2021 (Elimination of Single Use Plastic) Fill Details
21 Celebration of National Youth Day 2021 Fill Details
22 Information regarding Research Projects and Publications Related to play Integrated Learning in HEIs. Fill Details
23 Celebration of Constitution Day( Samvidhan Diwas) 2020 Fill Details
24 Implementation of Reservation Policy of the Government in Universities, Deemed to be Universities, Colleges and other Grant-in-aid institutions and Centres. Fill Details
25 Observance of Vigilance Awareness Week- "Satark Bharat, Samriddh Bharat" Fill Details
26 Jan Andolan Campaign on COVID-19 Fill Details
27 Action Taken Report of the Students with Disabilities in Universities and Colleges 2020 (Hon`ble Supreme Court`s order dated 15th December, 2017 passed in WP (C) no. 292/2006 titled "Disabled Group and other V/s Union of India and others ") Fill Details
28 Teachers Day 2020: Social Media Responses Fill Details
29 Updated status of the conduct of final year/terminal examination by Universities for the session January 2020- June 2020 Fill Details
30 Celebration of International Yoga Day - 2020 (IDY) (Yoga at home and Yoga with family) (ATN w.r.t. UGC letter No F 14-13/2015(CPP-II) dated 18th June, 2020) Fill Details
31 Facilitation of Study on COVID-19 & 1918 Pandemic(H1N1) by Universities & Colleges. Fill Details
32 Develop India as a Hub for Conferences and Conventions (ATN w.r.t. UGC letter No F 14-3/2019(CPP-II) dated 09th June, 2020) Fill Details
33 Implementation of MHRD & UGC ICT initiatives Fill Details
34 Quality Mandate: Institutional Plan for Implementation. (ATR w.r.t. UGG letter D.O. No 1-3/2020(CM) dated 28th March, 2020) Fill Details
35 Action taken report with respect to NME-ICT Initiatives (ATR w.r.t. UGG letter D.O. No. F. 1-3/2018 (SWAYAM/Miscellaneous) dated 12th March, 2020) Fill Details
36 Say No To Drugs ( Colleges) (ATR w.r.t. UGG letter F.No. 1-13/2020 (Website) dated 4th March, 2020) Fill Details
37 Observance of International Women`s Day 2020 (ATR w.r.t. UGG letter D.O. No. F. 1-11/2020 (Website) dated 28th February, 2020) Fill Details
38 Celebration of MATRIBHASHA DIWAS on 21.02.2020 (ATR w.r.t. UGG letter D.O. No. F. 14-5/2018(CPP-II) dated 14th February, 2020) Fill Details
39 Action taken on the implementation of the recommendations related to the Students with disabilities in Universities/Colleges. (ATR w.r.t. UGG letter D.O. No. F. 6-1/2018(SCT) dated 14th February, 2020) Fill Details
40 Implementation of Fit India Programme ( Colleges) (ATR w.r.t. UGG letter D.O. No. F. 1-54/2019(Website/Fit India) dated 4th February, 2020) Fill Details
41 Swachhata Pakhwara 2020 (ATR w.r.t. UGG letter D.O.No. 14-5/2016(CPP-II) dated 3rd and 14th January, 2020) Fill Details
42 Accessible India Campaign(Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan)-Colleges (ATR w.r.t. UGG letter N. F. 6-11/2015(SCT) dated 13th December, 2020) Fill Details
43 Consolidated new format for faculty Recruitment Fill Details
44 Ek Bharat Shreshtra Bharat (ATR w.r.t. UGG letter D.O. No. 14-9/2019(CPP-II) dated 14th January, 2020) Fill Details
45 Vigilance Awareness Week 2019 Fill Details
46 Rashtriya Ekta Diwas-2019 Fill Details
47 Swachha Bharat Summer Internship Programme 2019 Fill Details
48 Jal Shakti Abhiyan Fill Details
49 Swachhata Hi Sewa Campaign 2019 Fill Details
50 Faculty Data in Colleges Fill Details
51 One Student One Tree Fill Details
52 Digital Transactions Fill Details
53 Implementation of Student Induction Programme Fill Details

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